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We Love Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate mothers help make dreams come true. They are kind, compassionate women who want to build families for individuals who can not get pregnant on their own, including infertile heterosexual couples, gay men, and singles.

By |July 6, 2018

Does Age Affect Male Fertility?

It is well established that a woman’s fertility declines with age. She is born with a finite supply of eggs, and her estrogen levels diminish as she approaches her menopausal years.

The effects of a man’s age, however, on procreation […]

By |June 16, 2018

Symptoms of Male Infertility

Women might suspect they have an infertility problem because they have symptoms such irregular or painful periods or a doctor previously diagnosed them with a gynecological condition impacting their fertility. In general, females tend to be more in tune […]

By |June 5, 2018

STIs and Infertility

This month is STI Awareness Month and a time to shed light on the role of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and their effect on infertility. STIs are more commonly known as sexually transmitted diseases, STDs. In recent years, however, […]

By |April 27, 2018