strong relationship

When a couple is having trouble getting pregnant, it can be challenging on your relationship. There are many physical, emotional and financial tolls that most couples experience during fertility treatment. However, keeping your relationship healthy and strong is an important priority for any couple with a dream of starting a family together.

Here are four ways to keep your relationship healthy during fertility treatment:

Set your rules, budget and time frame together before you start.

Clear communication and expectations can help avert some of the challenges that many couples experience during treatment. If you know how far you are willing to go with treatment, it makes it easier as a couple to make decisions that can be difficult later in the process. Also, having a set budget you are willing to spend and a time frame in mind helps you remember that this is just one part of your life, albeit an important one.

Laugh together.

For many couples, fertility treatment isn’t a barrel of laughs. So whenever possible, find ways to laugh. Try a comedy club. Go to an improvisation group, or even join one. Cue up a funny series or movie on Netflix. Play practical jokes on each other. Watch cat videos online. Whatever makes the two of you laugh, do it. It relieves tension and brings you closer together.

Be sure to use your support network.

Fertility treatment is a lot easier to go through with support. Reach out to friends and family. Find a counselor with whom you can share your feelings and who can help you with coping mechanisms. Also, taking some of the burden of emotional support away from your spouse can be a way to relieve some stress.

Spend quality time together.

It is vital to any relationship to tend to what makes it work. Spending time doing things together that you both love is a way to keep your bond strong. It’s also a great time to “take a mental break” from the details of fertility treatment. Be sure to schedule regular dates or take a vacation. It might also be a good time for you take that cooking class you always wanted to take or get his and hers hiking boots and take to the trails. Getting out together as a couple might remind you of why you wanted to start a family together in the first place!

The strongest marriages all have one thing in common: Both of the partners work at it a lot. You and your partner want to get pregnant, start a family and live your happily ever after. When it comes to dealing with the challenges of fertility treatment, paying attention to your relationship is an important part of your strategy for success.


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