fertility apps 2015Technology has amazing reach. Smartphones have introduced a new way to manage your life, to the minutest detail. Fertility, it seems, is not immune to technology, either. When you are trying to conceive, it seems an app can help you get pregnant. Here are some of the best apps for fertility in 2015.

Best App for Apple: Woman Calendar, $10

The app provides many different functionalities, including your ovulation dates, your cycle day one and your basal body temperature (BBT) measurements. You can also track your sexual activity. What is best about the app, however, is that you can export your data digitally or on paper for your next doctor’s appointment.

Most Experienced App: Fertility Friend, Free/$45

Potential parents enter their fertility or ovulation signs to determine the best days for baby making or when a pregnancy test will be valid. It gets the vote for most experienced because it has over 15 years’ experience and over 650,000 pregnancies attributed to it. They are credited by fitpregnancy.com as having pioneered the idea of fertility charting online.

Best App for Android: WomanLog Calendar, Free

This simple app helps you track all of the information regarding your personal cycle to pinpoint the days in your cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant. From tracking periods to spikes in the BBT, the start has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 11,000 customers so far.

Best Synching App: Kindara, Free (but syncs with $129 oral thermometer)

Keeping track of when you ovulate is key to getting pregnant. The Kindara app syncs with a thermometer that you purchase separately, and it monitors your BBT and also changes in your cervical fluid. Keeping a written account of these signs of ovulation help you know when is the best time each month to conceive.

Best Comprehensive Tracking App: Ovuview, Free

When you combine signs of ovulation, you have a much better chance of hitting the target for trying to conceive efforts. The Ovuview App uses many different metrics to help you pinpoint your most fertile times for baby making, which include BBT, cervical mucus and period calendars.
There’s an app for everything these days — even becoming pregnant. For couples that are trying to conceive, one of the most important things they can know is when it’s even possible to get pregnant. These apps provide an easy way to keep track of ovulation signs to help couples know exactly when the time is right for baby making. Now that’s putting the smart in smartphone.


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