Sports trainer amounts to workout plan close-upMany of my patients want to know what they can do to get their body in its best possible health when they are trying to conceive. The answer lies in many things, from a healthier diet to losing some bad habits. However, one thing I always recommend is a preconception exercise plan.

Here are five key factors you should include in your preconception exercise plan:

  1. Include moderate but regular cardiovascular activity. There are many health benefits to regular physical activity, ranging from weight loss to relieving stress. It is important, however, that your cardiovascular workout is not too intense, as this can be just as detrimental to your fertility health as no cardiovascular exercise.
  2. Include weight training. Like any exercise plan, your preconception exercise plan should also include weight training to help build muscle mass. Are you trying to dead-lift hundreds of pounds? Of course not! However, the health benefits of improving your body fat to muscle ratio have numerous health benefits for you, including helping to regulate your hormone levels.
  3. Be consistent. We recommend most couples begin their preconception exercise plan and lifestyle changes up to 90 days before they begin trying to conceive. This time period allows the body to adapt and begin to benefit from the changes. A consistent adherence to your plan will yield the best results in that time.
  4. Get support from family and friends. There is no question you must commit to your plan. This commitment is easier to maintain with help. Enlist the support of family and friends to help you get and stay on your exercise regimen.
  5. Pick activities you enjoy. Many people assume that exercise means a gym membership. While a gym membership is certainly an excellent option, it is hardly the only option available. There are numerous ways you can exercise, from yoga or gardening to hiking or biking. If you hate gyms, skip them. Just be sure to pick something you like, so it’s your choice instead of your chore.

Having a solid commitment to your preconception exercise plan is a great idea when you are trying to conceive. Include these five key factors to ensure your success. Then you will be doing everything you can to ensure the best chance of success for your fertility treatment program.


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