Maximizing Male FertilityWhen it comes to male fertility, most men want to be at their best when they are trying to conceive. For couples that are struggling to get pregnant because of infertility, a diagnosis of male infertility can be hard to hear. But whether it’s a low sperm count or poor movement or shape, male infertility accounts for about 40 percent of the diagnoses for infertility.

Many people don’t think about their fertility until they are trying to conceive. So if you aren’t thinking about it, then you probably aren’t thinking about how you damage your male fertility in your everyday life, either.

Here are five ways you could be damaging your male fertility without knowing it:

1. Eating too much junk food. The adage “You are what you eat” is especially true when you consider fertility. If you put junk in, you get junk out. Poor nutrition is linked to obesity, hormonal imbalances, poor sperm count and shape, and erectile dysfunction. When you want your fertility to be at its best, you need to get plenty of nutrient-dense foods such as lean sources of protein, leafy greens, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

2. Turning up the heat. At a time when every sperm counts, you want to do everything you can to facilitate your numbers. Heat decreases sperm counts. So whenever the temperature of your testicles rises, you are decreasing the amount of sperm they can produce. I always tell my patients to stay away from saunas and hot tubs. Tight pants and underwear also raise the temperature. Some studies assert that resting a laptop on your legs while you work can also heat up your scrotum to levels that are not conducive to sperm production. Keep it cool to keep your sperm counts up in the healthy range.

3. Smoking and drinking. Bad habits don’t do your fertility any favors. Smoking has numerous effects on fertility, including the reduction of sperm mobility as well as shorter life spans. Not only that, but smoking is linked to hormone disruptions that decrease libido and contribute to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol is also damaging to sperm count as the alcohol acts like a poison to the sperm-producing cells in your testicles. Men should stop smoking and limit alcohol intake when trying to maximize their fertility.

4. Stressing out all the time. Chronic stress has many negative effects on health, including reducing sperm production. It’s important if you feel stressed to find ways to release it or manage it to reverse these effects. From taking a walk to breathing exercises, you can address an acute stress attack. Exercise is another great way to reduce stress, but keep it in the moderate range, as excessively strenuous workouts can also damage sperm production.

5. Getting busy at the wrong time. Most people believe that having sex as often as possible is the best way to get pregnant. However, maximizing the quality and quantity of sperm a man has to offer in a given event requires more restraint. The recommended frequency of sex when a couple is trying to conceive is every two days. Some experts also assert that the morning is the best time, as sperm counts tend to be higher then.

When it comes to getting pregnant, maximizing male fertility should be an important part of the plan. By minding these five ways that you hurt your fertility, you can improve your sperm count, shape and movement, so that your body is ready to perform when you want it to be. It might just be the difference it takes to start the family you always wanted.


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