Doctors from HRC Fertility were reunited with the children they helped create during their 12th annual picnic at the Laguna Hills Community Center on Sunday.

More than 600 former patients and their families saw the doctors, some for the first time, since becoming pregnant with the center’s help.

“I don’t know what I would have done without it (HRC Fertility),” said Kimberly Root, who gave birth to her daughter Teagan four years ago. “I knew I wanted to be a mom.”

HRC Fertility is based in Laguna Hills and has eight offices in the area. The center sees about 1,200 women a year get pregnant, 80 percent through in vitro fertilization.

Most are single pregnancies, but there were twins and even triplets at the reunion.

Dr. Mickey Coffler said about 30 percent of their patients have twins and about 1 percent have triplets.

“It’s a great way to connect to all the families we produce,” said Dr. Jane Frederick, one of 10 doctors at HRC.

“We really get to see the fruits of our labor. These are the miracles right here.”