Somewhere Over the Rainbow

There is hope for those who have suffered a devastating loss

Pregnant belly - baby bump

Do you know there is no word in the English language describing the status of a parent who has […]

By |October 17, 2017

Making the Leap to Donor Eggs

When is the right time to consider using donated eggs? We often are asked this question by patients who are at a crossroads in their treatment. Deciding to use the genetic material of another woman to have a baby […]

By |August 30, 2017

How Weight Affects Fertility

Weight Matters Can Signal Problems for Your Fertility

Weight is a sensitive subject, especially for women. Aside from how weight affects physical appearance and self-esteem, an unhealthy weight can impact a woman’s fertility, how she responds to treatment, the course […]

By |June 15, 2017

PCOS and Pregnancy

You’ve had irregular periods for years. Maybe you’ve experienced acne, weight gain and excess facial hair. Now you can’t get pregnant. But until you started trying to conceive, doctors never put two and two together to confirm you had […]

By |September 22, 2016