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Effects of Marijuana on Fertility

By Dr. Lisa Becht

The legalization of marijuana in California and several other states has been helping to shine a spotlight on the impact of this drug on the male […]

By |September 23, 2019

Women in the Military Are Having Trouble Conceiving

Advocacy group wants to know why their infertility rate is so high

Women are serving in the military in increasing numbers. According to government statistics, females comprise 17 percent of active armed […]

By |April 1, 2019

Why Men Should Consider Freezing Their Sperm

The media has focused a lot of attention on egg freezing for millennial women. But there also are circumstances where men should consider freezing their sperm.

Sperm freezing is a relatively simple […]

By |April 1, 2019

Gay Male Parents Grace the Cover of Parents Magazine

HRC Fertility applauds Parents Magazine for featuring a family headed by a gay male couple, fitness guru Shaun T and husband Scott Blokker, on its cover. LGBTQ activists feel this is a significant step forward in mainstream acceptance of […]

By |February 25, 2019