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Article: Facing Infertility, Dr. Jane Frederick

Conflict Between CoupleRemember that “birds and bees” talk when you were an adolescent? Invariably, it included a caution against unprotected sex – because “it only takes once” to conceive a baby. […]

By |February 5, 2016

Dr. Jane Frederick Featured on iHeart Radio

Dr. Jane Frederick was recently featured on iHeart Radio’s Fearless Fabulous You, hosted by Melanie Young, discussing the latest options for women of childbearing age who have been diagnosed with cancer. Originally broadcast live on W4WN Radio – The […]

By |November 24, 2015

HRC Fertility’s Dr. Potter Visits Australia

The debate on the use of gender selection technology by IVF clinics in Australia has returned to the spotlight after the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) announced it would soon begin reviewing public submissions on its Assisted […]

By |October 1, 2015

Dr. Jane Frederick Featured on Fox KTVU San Francisco

Featured during Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month, Dr. Frederick joined Fox KTVU San Francisco to discuss the syndrome that affects about 1 in 15 women of child-bearing age.

By |September 3, 2015