header-wide-newDr. Potter, Medical Director of HRC Fertility, is thrilled to announce that he has partnered with Gender Selection Australia (GSA) to provide exceptional care to his Australian patients.

Gender Selection Australia (GSA) is an Australian based and operated organisation dedicated to helping Australians choose the gender of their baby. We have an exclusive partnership with Dr. Daniel Potter (the world renowned and pre-eminent expert in gender selection, based in Los Angeles) to service the needs of Australians wanting to complete their family. Whether it is for genetic disease screening or simply to help with family balancing, GSA provides a complete gender selection solution for Australians – taking the legwork, hassle and uncertainty out of choosing the right doctor from overseas.

“In the last 15 years, I have been fortunate to help hundreds of Australian patients achieve their dreams. The demand of Australians seeking fertility treatment overseas has grown substantially in the past ten years. As the demand grows, my team and I have recognized the need to provide a greater level of service to meet the specific needs of our Australian based clients. In particular, they need to be able to have initial discussions in Australian with Australians who have an intimate knowledge of the services I provide in Los Angeles. I am fortunate to have partnered with a great team in Australia who I am confident will provide first class service and advice to all Australian couples seeking gender selection, egg donation, and/or surrogacy. I know GSA will be a very beneficial part of your journey and I look forward to meeting you in Los Angeles in the future.” -Dr. Daniel Potter, MD, FACOG

Gender Selection Australia

Phone: 1300 GENDER

Email: info@genderselectionaustralia.com.au

Website: http://www.genderselectionaustralia.com.au/