My husband and I tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant. After about a year of trying at age 37 1/2, we decided that we needed to be more proactive. I started seeing a Chinese doctor for an herbal concoction tea and acupuncture. I noticed a difference in my periods within 2 months and we thought it would be just a matter of time before we got pregnant. We did the traditional Chinese medicine for 6 months and then decided to look into IVF. Made the appointment with Dr. Coffler in Oceanside and we both left the appointment confident in Dr. Coffler. I also did research regarding the statistics on fertility centers in the United States and was convinced that HRC is leading the way in fertility. The Oceanside clinic uses the established Newport, CA lab which was also reassuring to me. I had heard from friends in the medical field that the “lab” is where the science happens and it should be state of the art, and the Newport lab is. I got pregnant on my first round of IVF (currently 23 weeks and healthy), with amazing results. Something like 21 eggs and after the PGD testing we have 12 solid embryos. I also had zero problems with the fertility drugs, it was a breeze for me and I absolutely attribute part of amazing results to the Chinese herbs preparing my body beforehand. Dr. Coffler is a straight forward with a sense of humor competent doctor. I felt safe, confident and positive under his care. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with the monthly roller coaster of emotions too seek out HRC fertility.