I was finally refered to Dr. Coffler at HRC fertility after a year of being told by other doctors that there was nothing wrong with my fertility. Dr. Coffler immediatly was able to diagnose that there was indded a problem. We tried a few months of medicated cycles but were unsuccessful. Dr. Coffler wasted no time letting us know that our best chance at pregnancy would be IVF due to our circumstances. Due to the timing we were moving to TX during our planned cycle. Dr. Coffler and his team were able to walk me through everythig that needed to happen before my return to CA for the procedure. I returned to CA the week prior to our IVF date and began in office monitoring. Every thing went very smoothly and by the end of the week they had harvested my eggs. Dr. Coffler and his team sucessfully created 10 embryos for us. Of which 2 were implanted. I followed all of Dr. Cofflers orders and a week later it was confirmed I was indeed pregnant. Dr. Coffler called a few times to check on my progress as I had moved to TX following implantation. I am very happy to report that I just gave birth to a perfect baby boy!!! I look forward to returning to CA in the near future to once again work with Dr. Coffler and his team to use the 2 embryos they were able to freeze and hopefully will be blessed with a sibling for our baby. I would highly recommed HRC fertility for their expertise and excellent prices.