In terms of choosing a great Fertility Doctor or clinic – Southern California patients are pretty lucky. While no one really wants to need a Fertility Doctor in the first place, if you do need one, living here is a blessing because of the number of qualified, experienced and state of the art clinics. One of those clinics, HRC Fertility, is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this week.

Chances are if you have spent any time looking for a Fertility Doctor in Southern California, HRC Fertility rings a bell if not a very loud gong. What started out as one small office in Pasadena 25 years ago with two Doctors and two embryologists, is now nine offices spread out over five Southern California Counties. Three of those offices even have their own state of the art IVF labs and surgery centers. (And fun fact – the two embryologists present in the beginning are still with HRC today).

There are a couple of things (apart from continued great success rates) that solidify HRC’s role in fertility history – their California fertility center established the first IVF with ICSI pregnancy on the west coast. In addition, in 1989 they performed one of the first PGD cases in the United States for a sex linked genetic disorder. (The fact that in 1989 their state of the art lab had been up and running for only a year makes that all the more impressive).

When asked about HRC’s initial vision, CEO Roger Good explains it was “to be a dominant provider of affordable, high quality fertility services in Southern California.”

On how that vision matches up with where they are today he says, “As this is one of the most competitive fertility markets in the U.S, over the past 25 years, we have remained the largest provider of quality fertility services in the West.” When asked about the more gratifying things to watch evolve over the last 25 years from within HRC, he adds that patients continue to come from around the world – to date, HRC is responsible for more than 15,000 babies on six continents.

That’s a whole lot of babies.

So how does a Fertility clinic celebrate 25 years and more than 15,000 babies? With baby reunion parties, of course! The clinic is hosting three baby parties this weekend to celebrate the thousands of HRC babies over the years. Parents who cycled with HRC and the resulting babies will be gathering for a picnic (and inevitably a very large group photo). That’s going to be a whole lot of cute in one park.

Happy anniversary to HRC and the families that they have helped build – can’t wait to see the picnic picture in another 25 years.