new year goals

The new year approaches and with it the chance to make a fresh start. For couples trying to become pregnant through fertility treatment, it’s an excellent opportunity to make a New Year’s resolution that will help them get pregnant.

A couple of years ago, Forbes reported that only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. The problem? Many people make resolutions that are too complicated, out of their control or that they don’t believe they can keep.

Those 8 percent that were successful did not make these mistakes. They kept it simple and tangible and believed they can do it.

To that end, here are four New Year’s resolutions you can make and keep in 2016:

Have a planned activity at least every other day during your two-week wait.
No matter what I tell my patients, I know they get obsessively aware of every little thing during the two-week wait. It’s easy to let it take over your life. My solution is to plan your two-week wait, to help limit your obsessive time.

Aim to plan activities every other day during the two-week wait. They don’t need to be elaborate. It can be scheduling a dinner date with your partner. If you have children, it can be an ice-cream date with your kids. Maybe you have an art exhibit you wanted to see or a concert you wanted to attend. It can even be a crafting project or an organization task you want to tackle. You know when the two weeks is coming, so you can plan two to three months in advance, too.

Improve your diet, but avoid a complete overhaul.

What you eat when you are trying to conceive is important. When you make sure to get plenty of nutrients, you give your body what it needs so its fertility health can be at its best. But drastic changes can be too hard to keep up and are more prone to failure. Instead, concentrate on one thing, e.g., dropping soda, eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day, or quitting red meat. Each of these changes in and of itself is not as difficult as doing all three at once. And besides, if you are successful at one, who’s to say you can’t have a summer resolution to achieve another?

Exercise one extra day per week.
Getting more exercise is a common New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, it is also one that often fails. Why? Too much change too fast. Instead, start slow and just add one day of exercise weekly. Even if that means you only get one day of exercise per week, that’s certainly better than none.

Try a new stress reliever for at least one month.
Infertility treatment can be stressful for couples. Many, many articles have been written about fertility treatment and stress relief and its positive effects — not the least of which is that you are less stressed! If you think stress is building for you, make a resolution to try a new stress reliever for at least a month. From yoga to meditation, journaling to massage, there are any number of stress relievers for you to try. Just make a commitment to stick to it for a month and see if it helps you. Then, at the end of the month, give yourself the opportunity to quit if you want.

Resolutions don’t have to involve overwhelming change to be effective. Sometimes the little changes you make result in big changes for how you feel. When it comes to becoming pregnant through fertility treatment, feeling good is one thing all of us at HRC Fertility support. Try one (or all) of these New Year’s resolutions to start 2016 with a new approach to getting pregnant.