Success Rates

We are proud of our success rates here at HRC Fertility Orange County. Our IVF Live Birth Rates are the best for any fertility clinic in the region and some of the highest nationwide. According to our numbers from the CDC, our pregnancy rates are among the highest in the country and our success in regional clinics are the highest in Orange County.

When you work with one of the doctors at HRC Fertility, you know that you are getting the very best in the field. Our doctors are highly skilled physicians who have many years of experience. They have introduced and perfected technologies that have advanced the science of reproductive medicine. They regularly publish and lecture to the reproductive community about their findings and studies.

Our patients come to us to build their families. Once they become a part of our fertility family, they realize that they not only get the best success rates in Orange County, but they also receive compassionate, individualized care from our expert staff. Many of them say after having an IVF cycle with us that they wish they had come to us. We hear this from our patients who come to us from right here in Orange County and from patients who have travelled to us from around the world.

We believe that our patients come first. Many of our patients have had babies born from a single egg or embryo retrieval that might have been cancelled at another fertility clinic that focuses more on statistics. While we are proud of our success rates, we are equally proud of our low cancellation rates. We are honored that we have given hope to some couples that had run out of hope on their own or at another clinic. We would rather give these couples their best chance of completing their family than worry about what a possible failure might do to our success rate.
When HRC Fertility says we are “bringing dreams to life,” it is more than a clever phrase that summarizes our philosophy. HRC doctors are responsible for bringing thousands of dreams to life over the past 25 years — dreams that call you Mom or Dad.

“My husband and I just had the best experience at HRC, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We have two beautiful babies to prove it! Thank you!”

2015 Live Birth Rates - HRC Orange County