Young Woman with Heart Shaped Hands in front of Belly.Boosting fertility is usually in the back of the mind of most of my patients. When you are trying to conceive with fertility treatment, diet and exercise become important factors to get your fertility health at its absolute best.

We advise our patients to eat a nutrient-dense diet of whole foods, with plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. We also advise our patients to get regular exercise throughout the week, including strengthening the core muscles.

It is important, however, that when you are strengthening your core, you choose exercises that are appropriate for you when you are trying to conceive. These might include:

1. Knee Folds: Video courtesy of: The Body Gallery The Art of Personalized Pilates

2. The Roll Up: Video courtesy of Cris Popenoe and Canyon Ranch

3. Bird Dogs: Video courtesy of

4. Dromedary Drop: Video Courtesy of Nestle Materna Pregnancy Exercise

5. Modified Dynamic Side Plank: Video courtesy of diet health.

It is important for all people trying to conceive to participate in regular moderate exercise. This means if you haven’t exercised a ton before you start treatment, you should go slowly and work your way up to moderate exercise. Likewise, if you exercise a lot before trying to conceive, you should back off a bit to a moderate level.

Diet and exercise are two things every patient can control to help facilitate successful fertility treatment, giving their natural fertility a boost. Getting your body the nutrients it needs while also participating in regular moderate exercise can help get your reproductive health at its best for your treatment, giving you the best chance of making your dreams of family a reality.


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