Egg, Embryo and Sperm Donor

Throughout the course of treatment, it may become evident that either the woman’s eggs are no longer able to produce a healthy pregnancy or that the man’s sperm are not able to fertilize the egg. In these cases, couples will need the option to participate in either an egg or sperm donor program.

Donor Eggs

HRC Fertility is an avid supporter of fertility donor programs. We believe that donor programs are a wonderful gift from couples that have been successful in their infertility treatment to give to other couples that are unable to conceive children with their own eggs or sperm. We also believe that using a donor is an excellent option for couples where it is clear that they will be unable to conceive without donor assistance.

We have a network of reliable agencies that can help connect our patients with an egg or sperm donor. We also have resources that can help you donate any of your remaining eggs or sperm for another couple that is trying to conceive. In addition, we have the legal resources to help navigate the specific legalities of adopting embryos or using donated eggs and sperm.

Donating Embryos:

Many of our families who have successfully achieved pregnancy and have completed their fertility journey decide they would like to make a difference by gifting their remaining embryo(s). We work closely with a program that finds a home for your frozen embryos, should you make the decision that your family is complete and you will not be using them for future cycles.

HRC Fertility believes in making every option available to our patients who are trying to conceive. No matter whether you are a donor or need a donor, we will do everything we can to connect you with the option that is best for your family.