Same-Sex and Single Parent

Same-sex couples and single parents have more options than ever before with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Now you can have the family you always wanted using ART treatments to conceive a child of your own.

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At HRC Fertility, we believe that families come in all different combinations and that love does not have a preference. We welcome all families and do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible. From our expert doctors and caring and supportive staff to our network of reputable donor agencies and legal specialists, we can help same-sex couples and single parents navigate the ART treatment process more easily while they build their families.

Same-Sex Parent Options

  • Lesbian couples. Lesbian couples have many options to build their families with ART treatments. For example, one partner can donate the egg to be fertilized with donor sperm while the other partner carries the child. Some couples choose to take turns on childbearing. Depending on the specifics of the situation, some lesbian couples may need both a sperm and an egg donor. Your doctor and you can come up with the right plan for your family and advise you on each of the steps of the process.
  • Gay couples. Gay couples can build their family by choosing to use a gestational carrier (a woman who agrees to carry the embryo to term but has no genetic ties to the child). For this option, they will also need an egg donor. Then either one or both of the partners can donate their sperm. HRC Fertility has many agency partners and professional resources that can help you find the right match for your family.

Single Parent Options

  • Egg freezing. Women who want a family in the future can choose to delay childbearing by freezing their eggs. This option is ideal for women who are focusing on their career or until they are in the right relationship. This service is available to women who would like to preserve their eggs for future use. Due to the declining quality in eggs as they age, we recommend that women freeze their eggs when they are 35 or younger.
  • Donor eggs. If the woman is unable to conceive with her own eggs, a donor egg can be used. We have agency partners that can help connect donors and HRC Fertility patients.
  • Gestational carrier. A gestational carrier is a surrogate that is carrying an embryo that has no genetic connection to her. An option that works for both single men and women, gestational carriers are used when carrying the child is not possible by the single parent. Single men would also need to get an egg donor in order use this option.
  • Donor sperm. Single women who want to conceive a child can choose to have intra-uterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) to get pregnant. For these treatments, she can use donor sperm from a known or anonymous donor. We have a network of agencies to help connect sperm donors with HRC Fertility patients.