Surrogates have given the gift of parenthood to countless couples that are struggling to get and stay pregnant on their own. Surrogates are women who are willing to be pregnant with another couple’s child. There are many requirements of a surrogate, not the least of which is a very generous heart.

Gestational surrogates differ from traditional surrogates in that they do not use their own egg. They allow the doctor to transfer the infertile couple’s embryo to her womb for implantation and will carry the child on the couple’s behalf. Since she has no genetic ties to the child, she is only considered the birth mother. This type of surrogacy has been growing in popularity in recent years.

HRC Fertility strongly supports the wishes of couples that want to use surrogates for their family building. We know that the decision is usually a difficult one for many couples, so we do everything we can to connect our couples to a surrogate that is right for them. We have agency partners and legal resources that can help manage the various details of the process so it can be as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Surrogates through our agency partners have several requirements they must meet in order to be considered. They submit to physical, mental and educational requirements. They must be between the ages of 21 and 39 and have had at least one successful pregnancy. Agencies run a series of screenings to make sure that the available surrogates have the right characteristics needed for this generous and kind-hearted act.

Gestational surrogates are a great option for many different infertility situations. Sometimes, surrogates are a good option for women who have experienced multiple issues trying to carry a pregnancy to term. Other times, it’s an option when a patient has lost the ability to carry a baby due to side effects from medical treatment. Gestational surrogates are also an option when patients are unable to carry their own pregnancy, as is the case for gay couples.

Not every country allows surrogacy, but that is not the case in the United States. HRC Fertility supports the use of Gestational Surrogates to help our patients make their dreams of a family a reality.