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What He Needs to Know About Male Fertility


For much of human history, infertility was considered a female problem. However, we now know that male fertility can be an issue. The breakdown for difficulties related to getting pregnant fall […]

By |January 30, 2016

What is the Postcoital Test, and Why Do We Do It?

Post-Coital TestWhen you are diagnosed with infertility, your doctors use a variety of tests to determine the details of the causes, depending on your individual case and the unknowns about your […]

By |October 5, 2015

4 Things Men Need to Know about Folate and Fertility

Basic RGBIt’s a well-known fact food rich in folate or folate supplements are an excellent idea for women that are trying to get pregnant. However, studies have shown that folate is […]

By |June 10, 2015

Is It Time for You to Seek a Fertility Specialist?

Asian male doctor show a clockMillions of couples have problems getting pregnant naturally. For many of them that have been trying to conceive on their own unsuccessfully, they wonder, “Is it […]

By |May 29, 2015