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Fertility Foods: Four Foods With More Potassium Than Bananas

avocadoWhen you are in infertility treatments, it’s normal to feel anxious about the results. Many of my patients want to do what they can to achieve pregnancy. I always tell them […]

By |October 12, 2014

Secondary Infertility: Do I Need Infertility Treatments?

Minimal modern interior of nursery. B&WYou and your partner are the proud parents of a beautiful child. You pour your heart and soul into your family and love every minute that […]

By |July 11, 2014

Will Fertility Massage Work?

masages symbolYou may have heard of fertility massage as an alternative supplement to your infertility treatments. If you are like most women who are trying to conceive, then you are […]

By |March 27, 2014

Financing Your Fertility Treatments: What Are Your Options?

Viele KreditkartenMany couples that are in infertility treatments are paying for them out of pocket, particularly when they are having in vitro fertilization (IVF). Most insurance carriers do not reimburse […]

By |March 25, 2014