What He Needs to Know About Male Fertility


For much of human history, infertility was considered a female problem. However, we now know that male fertility can be an issue. The breakdown for difficulties related to getting pregnant fall […]

By |January 30, 2016

What She Needs to Know About Female Fertility

Female fertility is centered on regular and predictable ovulation. Many infertility issues for women stem from challenges surrounding the release of a healthy, mature egg for fertilization. However, female fertility has […]

By |January 28, 2016

Why Eating a High-Fat Diet and Smoking Are Wrecking Your Sperm

High Fat Diet and SmokingIf you found out during fertility testing that you have a low sperm count or low motility, your lifestyle might be contributing to your male infertility. Eating […]

By |October 29, 2015

What to Do When Your Infertility Is Unexplained

Unexplained Infertility DiagnosisThere are many tests that your fertility specialist will perform to see what is causing your infertility and to find a fertility treatment option that will help you become […]

By |October 21, 2015