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What He Needs to Know About Male Fertility


For much of human history, infertility was considered a female problem. However, we now know that male fertility can be an issue. The breakdown for difficulties related to getting pregnant fall […]

By |January 30, 2016

Why Eating a High-Fat Diet and Smoking Are Wrecking Your Sperm

High Fat Diet and SmokingIf you found out during fertility testing that you have a low sperm count or low motility, your lifestyle might be contributing to your male infertility. Eating […]

By |October 29, 2015

The Key to Maximizing Male Fertility: Stay Cool

Stay CoolMale infertility accounts for up to one-third of infertility cases overall, by some estimates, even as high as 47 percent. Based on the sperm count, motility (movement) and shape (morphology), […]

By |August 20, 2015

5 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Male Fertility

Maximizing Male FertilityWhen it comes to male fertility, most men want to be at their best when they are trying to conceive. For couples that are struggling to get pregnant because […]

By |July 31, 2015