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5 Best Apps to Help You Get Pregnant in 2015

fertility apps 2015Technology has amazing reach. Smartphones have introduced a new way to manage your life, to the minutest detail. Fertility, it seems, is not immune to technology, either. When you […]

By |September 10, 2015

Trying to Conceive? Take Your Vitamins!

VitaminsWhen you are trying to conceive, eating a diet of nutrient-dense foods is critical to your success. Your reproductive system needs the right resources to perform at its best. Many circles […]

By |July 14, 2015

Explaining the Dangers of Chlamydia for Fertility

Хламидиоз (chlamydia). Печать и оттиск Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD), and it has direct effects on fertility if left untreated. For any couple that is considering children or […]

By |June 16, 2015

5 Key Factors for Your Preconception Exercise Plan

Sports trainer amounts to workout plan close-upMany of my patients want to know what they can do to get their body in its best possible health when they are trying to […]

By |May 11, 2015