Stay CoolMale infertility accounts for up to one-third of infertility cases overall, by some estimates, even as high as 47 percent. Based on the sperm count, motility (movement) and shape (morphology), fertility specialists can determine whether male fertility is the factor in a couple’s fertility problems and inability to get pregnant on their own.

While there is no cure for male fertility, you can maximize your potential. So what’s the key to maximizing male fertility? It’s quite simple, really: Stay cool.

Heat is not male fertility’s friend. Why? When a man’s testicles get hot, they reduce the amount of sperm produced. Testicles by design are meant to be cooler than body temperature. When they are too hot, they can’t do their job — which is to make lots of healthy sperm to achieve conception.

There are many causes of overheating. Tight clothing can raise the temperature. Working with a laptop computer resting directly in the lap can also get the testicles too hot. Sitting in hot tubs is also a way to cut down the swimmers (which, if you think about it, is a little bit ironic).

So how can you avoid the damage heat has on your male fertility? You can do it in many ways, including:

• Changing your pants type to be roomier and less constrictive. Same for underwear: the looser, the better.
• If you participate in sports where tight pants are necessary, such as cycling, for instance, consider finding a different sport while you are trying to conceive or cutting back your time in the seat.
• Using a lap desk between your laptop and your lap. The desk absorbs the heat, allowing your legs and crotch to stay a lower temperature.
• Avoiding hot tubs and long baths while trying to conceive.
• Some couples have also adopted a no-pants strategy when at home. This has benefits in more ways than one when you are trying to conceive!

An important caveat for men trying to boost their number for trying to conceive: Sperm production takes 10 to 11 weeks. Most fertility specialists agree that these measures should begin immediately but that the results will occur in three months or so.

When a couple is having trouble getting pregnant, male fertility is a factor from one-third to half of the time. While there is no cure for male infertility, there are things a man can do to maximize his fertility potential, although the results occur in about three months. One of the key things you can do is to keep your testicles cool. Be sure to discuss your options with your fertility specialist to see whether this will help you overcome your male fertility issues. Working together, you can find a way to get pregnant — possibly by staying cool.


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