Surrogate mothers help make dreams come true. They are kind, compassionate women who want to build families for individuals who can not get pregnant on their own, including infertile heterosexual couples, gay men, and singles.

People who have not been involved in surrogacy may not understand what motivates a woman to carry a baby for someone else. They also often have other misconceptions about the wonderful women who become surrogates. We want to set the record straight about why we love surrogate mothers.

There are different types and terms for surrogacy
You might have heard different terms used to describe a surrogate, a woman who carries a baby for another person or couple. Here are some useful definitions to help you differentiate between these types.

  • A traditional surrogate provides the egg (oocyte) as well as carries the child and becomes pregnant through either intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization.
  • A gestational carrier carries a pregnancy but does not provide the genetic material, which comes from the intended mother or an egg donor. Most surrogacies involve gestational carriers.
  • A gestational surrogate is another term for a gestational carrier.
  • A compassionate surrogate is a woman who can either be a traditional surrogate or gestational carrier but is not compensated. Generally, a woman chooses to be a compassionate surrogate for a friend or family member. However, some states and countries only legally allow compassionate surrogacy.
  • Surrogates of all types are called surrogate mothers or surrogate moms.

Regardless of the type of surrogacy they pursue, we love surrogate mothers.

These are only a few of the reasons:

Surrogate mothers love being pregnant
Pregnancy is a labor of love for the majority of surrogate moms. Most have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries and have enjoyed their own experiences. Though they may not want more biological children with their partner, surrogacy allows them to find fulfillment and joy in another pregnancy.

Surrogacy is a lot of hard work
Candidates undergo an extensive application process to qualify before they are matched with prospective parents. The medical evaluation and treatment process can be intensive and include failures. Pregnancy can be delightful but can also mean missed work because of required bed rest and the need for help to care for young children. In addition, pregnancy and childbirth have inherent long and short-term medical risks.

Surrogacy is a family affair
One of the most beautiful aspects of surrogacy is the bond formed between the surrogate’s family members with the intended parents. Surrogacy can expose the surrogate, her extended family, and the prospective parents to people they may never have met otherwise, enriching everyone’s lives.

Surrogacy is about bonding with adults
The relationship between the surrogate mother and her prospective parents is a special one. Many surrogates have had friends or relatives who experienced infertility, which profoundly impacted them. They want the opportunity to give their gift of being able to conceive and carry a pregnancy to other people who want to become parents.

Surrogacy is life changing
Most people won’t find a life-changing cure for cancer, but surrogate mothers can transform the lives of wanna-be moms and dads in the most profound way possible by giving them the gift of parenthood.

At HRC Fertility, we love working with surrogate mothers and intended parents and understand how surrogacy is one of the finest examples of how love, not necessarily blood, makes a family.