The media has focused a lot of attention on egg freezing for millennial women. But there also are circumstances where men should consider freezing their sperm.

Sperm freezing is a relatively simple procedure compared to egg freezing. All men need to do is to produce a sample and have the ability to pay for storage. Though it is not clear if there is an expiration date for frozen sperm, babies have been born from sperm frozen for 20 years.

Here are six reasons why a man should freeze his sperm.

Risky medical procedures

Oncologists recommend sperm freezing before a man starts cancer treatment or he has surgery that could impact his testicles or prostate and subsequent sperm production and delivery.


Men undertaking a vasectomy might want to freeze their sperm in case they change their mind in the future. Because a vasectomy reversal is costly and often does not work, it is prudent for men to take this precaution.

Enlisting in the military

Servicemen, especially those going to dangerous areas or war zones, should preserve their fertility before being deployed.

Working in a high-risk profession

Firefighters, x-ray technicians, athletes, and men in other occupations where they face potential damage to their reproductive organs should freeze their sperm.

Transgender transition

Male to female transgender persons should consider freezing their sperm if they want to have children in the future.

Advanced paternal age

Men have a biological clock too, though it may not tick as loudly as a woman’s. Recent studies have indicated that advancing age may harm their fertility. Additionally, aging sperm could put future children at risk for conditions such as Down syndrome and some psychiatric disorders.

If you are a man who fits these descriptions or others, please let us know and we can help you get started on the sperm cryopreservation process.